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"He's a sure-fire bet to entertain or educate. Dan's smooth singing and lively banjo add a homespun touch to any occasion. I highly recommend Dan Gibson." -- Doc Moore, Storyteller
Telling a Jack Tale in Lancaster, TX.
1850s replica banjo getting to show off at a Denton, TX, elementary school.
Gourd banjo at work, Grapevine, TX
Gourd banjos date back to instruments found by Sir Hans Sloane in his 1687 report on the West Indies. He described instruments made by African slaves "from small gourds fitted with necks, strung with horse hairs, or the peeled stalks of climbing plants." It was the common form of banjo in North America through the early 1800s. Its skin head and gut strings give it a pleasant, mellow tone.
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Making up verses to a song in Plano, TX.
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Playing the pickin' bow, Ennis, TX.
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Eyes on the storyteller, Hewitt, TX.
A typically satisfied audience member. An art teacher gave Dan this drawing by a talented kindergartner who had left it behind several years earlier. She named it "Amarillo."

More Than Just Words!
Interactive Music and Storytelling
to entertain, generate laughter, stimulate thinking
and stir imaginations.

For All Ages -- Pre-K through Post-retirement
Coast to Coast

Programs support school learning standards nationwide and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in social studies, history, geography, language arts -- and can be just for fun, too.

Programs for Private, Public and Charter Schools,
Libraries, Retirement Centers, Private Events

"A World Full of Stories & Music"
Stories from many cultures encourage laughter and thought; banjo, gourd banjo, one-string pickin' bow, mountain dulcimer; lively folk songs and sing-alongs -- for K-8th grade and all other ages, too. Supports school curriculum standards and onjectives in Texas and nationwide.

"Texas Tales 'n' Tunes for TEKS"
Great for Texas History Month -- March.
Stories and music to illuminate Texas History; Supports Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills objectives for grades 4 & 7.
(Good for other grades and for grownups, as well.)

"Especially For Cub Scouts"
A live music program to help Cub Scouts earn their Music Belt Loop.

"Songs & Stories from the U.S. Civil War"
Original and adapted stories based on political, social and military events of the U.S. Civil War. Songs from the period are combined with the stories and include lively sing alongs. Supports school curriculum objectives nationwide in history and social studies. Good for all grades -- and grownups, as well.

1850s Banjo -- Much of the music in the Civil War program is played on a replica banjo typical of those made in the 1840s and 1850s, and played by Union and Confederate Soldiers for their own entertainment. Tuned to a much lower pitch than today's banjos, and played in the style of that era, it has a distinctive thumping, plunky tone far different from what modern ears are accustomed to.

"Family Friendly Fun"
Entertaining, thoughtful program that works especially well for audiences made up of children, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

A natural for family reunions and other gatherings of grownups and children. Stories and music, of course.

"A Likely Story"
Lies and tall tales in prose, poetry and music by a two-time winner of the Houston Liars Contest. For all ages..
Audience participation is required
Dan's too lazy to do all the work himself.
His repertoire includes adaptations of traditional folk tales from many cultures, ghost stories (if requested) historical tales, original stories, a bit of outrageous cowboy poetry, shameless whoppers about eccentric people and strange animals, and songs to get you singing.

Singalong, tap your toe
Dan's old-time banjos, mountain dulcimer, and one-string pickin' bow can set your toe to tapping and your voice to singing along with the folk songs and old-time music that not only have their own stories to tell, but are also the ancestors of today's country and western and bluegrass music.

Two-time winner of the Houston, Texas, Liars Contest
He was the first liar from outside the Houston area to take home a prize from the event, and the first to win it.

Dan's whoppers include stories about a champion liar caught telling the truth, an ill-tempered paraplegic who invents a new way to communicate, a chicken rancher who triggers a massive disaster, self-skinning skunks, high plains sponge turtles, laser-guided biting flies, and more.

Programs and Workshops for:
Schools (full day or half day programs)
Storytelling Teaching Residencies for Schools (call for pricing)
Active Seniors Groups, Retirement Centers, Assisted Living Centers
Hospitals, Nursing Homes
Storytelling Festivals, Music Festivals
Libraries, Bookstores, Art Galleries, Museums
Home Concerts, Coffee Houses, Opry Houses
Summer Camps, Daycares
Conventions, Company Picnics, Fairs
Reunions, Gatherings and Special Events, Birthday Parties
Barn Raisings, Mortgage Burnings/Renegotiations, Shivarees
Credit Card Payoffs, FInancial Bailouts

Storytelling Workshops for all ages:
Storytelling basics
How to find stories you can tell
How to make a written story tellable
How to make a story your own
Copyright 2014 Dan Gibson
"We are much pleas'd and thankfull to you for the banngeau
for altho' we can't make musick on it yet it is a great curiosity."
Sarah Anderson, London, writing to her uncle, James Hollyday, Maryland, December 11, 1758
Breathe stories and songs into the air.
They will fall to earth, who knows where.
But then one day from beginning to end,
You'll find them all in the heart of a friend.

"Storytelling reveals meaning without
committing the error of defining it." -
Hannah Arendt

"The way to spoil a story is to talk about it
rather than tell it." - J. Frank Dobie
Dan performs for the near- and post-retirement population, too.
Dan Gibson
Dallas, TX
Updated April 25, 2014
Storytelling -- upclose and personal, just as it was meant to be.