Dan Gibson, Storyteller/Banjoplayer
Sample Stories and Verse
A poem for grownups (especially job seekers)
copyright 2007 Dan Gibson
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Jack sat there quite still, while the V.P., named Jill, appeared to have nothing to say.
She looked quite put out, with her lips in a pout, as she tapped at his resume.

"Your experience," she said, "We judged as we read, is long and broad and deep.
"Impressive, indeed, you have what we need. The job you could do in your sleep."

"No sweat would you break, no breath need you take to get it in hand and controlled.
"Your knowledge is keen, like none other we've seen. Your skill sets uncommonly bold.

"It is rare that we find such a faceted mind -- like diamonds it sparkles and glitters.
"Your thinking is able, your logic quite stable, you'd make an excellent fit here.

"We know of no one who could get the job done as smoothly as you sitting there.
"But, we're bothered, you see, by something we see -- a small touch of gray in your hair."

"Excuse me! We mean, your wisdom, it seems, could possibly get in the way.
"Not all that we do will likely thrill you, we're afraid you just wouldn't stay.

"And, the pay is quite low. Far less, you must know, than the last job you worked at could proffer.
"We just can't afford to bring here on board a person who has what you offer.

"Our values are clear, we have no need here for someone so true and so tried.
"What more can we say. Please, go away. You're just overqualified."

He thought for a bit, then he said, "Okay, twit, I have an answer for you.
"I'll meet your conditions and assume the position. How much dumbing down should I do?"